Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thoughts on blogging

So, I have now been blogging for two days. I am enjoying working on it, but it is turning out so far to be an ideal procrastination tool. However, I justify this time spent by my firm belief (as of right now, at least) that this creative outlet will only help me to be more productive in my dissertation research and writing. I’m trying to finish that daunting project up this summer (let’s call it what it is: drudgery!) before teaching begins again and “free” time disappears forever. The thought process of writing & conceiving anything at all and then typing & expressing those thoughts is half the battle, isn’t it? Who knows, blogging may be the key to overcoming my writer’s block! This cartoon pretty much sums up the recent progress:
People who know about these things such as Robert Boice (Professors as Writers) and Peter Elbow (Writing without Teachers; Writing with Power) suggest daily free-writing in order to keep oneself actively writing.

There also is this book:

Another plus of blogging: writing is a very solitary activity, so blogging could be a great way for me to connect with other people. Without even getting up from my desk in my study. I can envision my husband shaking his head now. You see, the thesis has been looming over us for a while and has become a giant roadblock to the fun things in life—moving/building a house, traveling, etc.
Note to my hubby: Don’t be too hard on me! Everyone needs a little diversion. I will finish it. C’est promis!